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Geocentric Plugin

Building Service Area Pages is a famous technique among SEO Specialists to help boost their client website’s local rankings.

The problem with building these pages is that they take a lot of time to build and it can get really complicated. You’ll have to pull a lot of relevant local data (local weather, about, things to do, driving directions, bus stops) about your service area from google and try to embed them into your service area pages.

The Geocentric Plugin automates the whole process and automatically pulls data from Google through Google API and allows users to embed the data easily to their Service Area Pages with ease.


WordPress Plugins

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Geocentric Plugin

Build powerful and effective Service Area Pages with a couple of clicks. Pull geo-data directly from Google and inject it into your pages.

Plugin Bundles

Get both the plugins in a bundle and save up a huge amount of money.

Rank Schema Plugin

Builds Advanced Schema Markup Code for you and injects them directly to your pages. No coding is required!


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Geocentric Plugin Annual Plan - 100 Sites

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SEO Rocket Tools Plugin Bundle Annual Plan - 100 Sites

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  • Geocentric Plugin - 100 Sites Activation
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Rank Schema Plugin Annual Plan - 100 Sites

Get just what you need and grab the Rank Schema Plugin separately.
$ 197 per Year
  • Rank Schema Plugin - 100 Sites Activation

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